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Cremation Services

Direct Cremation Services

You may choose to have the deceased’s body present for a viewing or funeral service, followed by cremation with our Direct Cremation Service.


Customized Cremation Service

The deceased’s body may be cremated shortly after death, typically followed by a memorial service or celebration of life where the body is not present.

Importance of Memorialization

Memorialization, which provides a place for cremated remains to be placed, such as a columbarium niche or burial plot, offers families a permanent place to honor their loved ones.

Direct Cremation Service

Direct cremation simply means the body is not embalmed or prepared for viewing, but instead is cremated shortly after death. Following cremation, the cremains are placed in a receptacle of the family’s choosing. A memorial service or celebration of life may follow, as well as permanent memorialization.

Customized Cremation Service

With our customized cremation services, the body is prepared for a traditional funeral service or viewing, then the body is cremated rather than buried following the funeral or viewing. With this option, the body is embalmed and prepared as if for burial. This allows the family to hold a visitation and have the body present during the funeral. With our customized cremation service, a cremation casket is used during viewing and visitation and for the funeral service. You may either choose a casket that is designed to be cremated, or you may rent a traditional casket. Following the cremation, the cremains are handled as directed by the family, typically placed in an urn of choice.

Memorialization Options For Cremation

Once your loved one has been cremated, you have many choices with the cremains. Most families select a permanent memorialization location, which provides a place to visit and remember the life of their loved one. You may also divide the cremains, selecting different receptacles for each portion.

Urns: A beautiful urn or similar receptacle will be selected during the planning process. We have a wide variety of options, examples of which you may view here.

Outdoor niche: The cremains of your loved one may be placed permanently and safely in one of our above ground columbarium niches. The niche is personalized, as you choose, with name and dates.

Gravesite burial: You may choose to have the urn buried in a traditional gravesite, with a marker and headstone as used with a casket. Many memorial parks, such as ours, allow two cremated burials in one site; if you choose this option, you will need to confirm this practice with the memorial park you will be using.

Personalized memorialization: Beyond the traditional burial sites, you may consider having your loved one’s name and a special quote engraved on a park bench, tree plaque, or other customized memorial. We also have custom and unique items and keepsakes perfect for displaying inside your home, some of which may be seen here.

Why families choose Mullican-Little for cremation services

Not all cremation providers are alike, and it is imperative to choose a provider with the highest integrity and reputation. That attention to impeccable service is at the heart of Mullican-Little.

  • Our crematory is a private crematory. It is ours alone; we do not “outsource” cremation services or allow others to use our facility.
  • Our facility and equipment are modern and meticulously maintained.
  • We invite families to tour our cremation facilities.
  • Our operators are trained to ensure your loved one is treated with the utmost dignity and respect, while remaining always in our care.
  • We personally perform the cremation so we know whose ashes are in the urn.
  • All cremations are performed individually, and we return 100% of the recoverable ashes.
  • A private witnessing suite is available where families may be present for the cremation process or ceremonial cremations.