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Funeral Services



Traditional Funeral Service

Traditionally, the funeral includes a complete funeral service with family or public viewing and visitation, funeral service, and graveside service with burial.


Memorial Service

A memorial service, often called a celebration of life, is usually chosen with cremation. Because the body is not present, the service may be scheduled at a time that best suits the family’s needs.

Graveside Service

Some families choose to have a graveside service only, where a simple service is held at the gravesite, followed by burial.

Traditional Funeral Service

The most common funeral service is a traditional funeral service. This service typically involves three events: a family visitation and viewing, usually the day before a service; a funeral service, either at the funeral home chapel or a place of worship; and a graveside service as the casket is interred. You may also want to hold a reception following the service, or a meal for friends and family. This traditional structure allows time for families to gather, friends to offer care and support, and stories to be shared that celebrate the life of your loved one.

Memorial Services

A memorial service or celebration of life is often held in conjunction with cremation. The cremains may be present in the chosen urn, if desired. Often a family will choose to have a reception or visitation following the service, providing a time to visit with family and friends who have gathered to remember the loved one. The service itself may be personalized to fit the loved one—whether held in a place of worship, the funeral home’s chapel, or a venue chosen for this purpose. Some services are casual, others traditional, and we will work with you to personalize the service to meet your family’s needs.

Graveside Service

Some families opt for a simple graveside service in lieu of a chapel or worship service. The graveside may follow a family visitation, if you choose, or may be held alone. You may also follow the graveside with a gathering to allow time to visit, share a meal or enjoy memories that are meaningful to those present.

Why hold a service

As traditions change, you may wonder why a traditional funeral, memorial, or graveside service continues to be important. The reason is simple: because it allows time to acknowledge sorrow and loss, it gives permission to grieve, and it offers a safe place to show others how much we care during their time of sorrow. The service may include celebration or it may be quiet and introspective. It may include videos and favorite music, or it may be organ or strings. There is no right or wrong way—but having the service is vital.